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A retreat implies time spent away from your ordinary occupations, during which you can reflect on how you live your faith in your everyday work, family life and relationships with others. The atmosphere of personal prayer and recollection which is maintained throughout helps you to consider all aspects of your life and identify the areas in which you can improve.

Meditations and talks are given by the priest on the central themes of the Catholic faith. These are combined with times for private prayer and examination of conscience, and other devotional exercises such as the Stations of the Cross and the Rosary. Mass is celebrated daily.

Typically lasting three days, there are retreats held at Iwollo Conference Centre in Aguobu-Iwollo, Enugu. There are also retreats at a similar conference centre in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State - Iroto Conference Centre.

Listed below are a list of retreats for 2021

March 4 - 8
April 22 - 26
May 21 - 25
June 10 - 14
July 1 - 5
October 28 - November 1
November 25 - 29

June 24 - 28
July 8 - 12
August 12 - 16
August 22 - 26
November 4 - 8
December 6 - 10



For further enquiries call: 09123010036





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